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About Outreach Services of North Louisiana
We are a 501c3 organization that provides mentoring/anti-bullying and teen suicide prevention initiatives, education resource support (ileap/PARCC Prep) and Temporary Shelter Services for Youth (Life Recovery Partnership)  in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.

Outreach Services North Louisiana is operated in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Since our program began in 2008, our goal is to provide students in need of educational and life skills resources.

Our Mission
To give each student the opportunity to reach their educational potential by providing positive social reinforcement and giving students the tools to lead a healthy, productive life through mentoring and education resource support.

We are a Pollination Project Grant Recipient for Outreach Services in the community.

Our Staff
Yolunda E. McGee 
Executive Director

Kelsey Walters
Program Coordinator

​   2017-2018 BOARD MEMBERS

Lee O. Savage                         Stenson Baker                         Trina Aery
Entrepreneur Chair                    Education Chair                        Finance Chair

Vanessa Hill                            Marcus Jones                        Valeria Williams
Wellness Chair                        Community Liaison                   Attorney/Legal Chair

                                              Advisory Board Member
                                                        Vicki Strong
                                                   Mental Health Chair